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About Megan

My passion for weddings and events started in high school, when I worked for a local event venue setting up for weddings on the weekends.  I loved seeing all the creative ways people wanted to decorate and ensuring everything was perfectly in place.  I then ventured off to college at Chico State, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration with a focus in Special Events and Tourism.  That’s where my passion was really fueled and I knew this is what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life, with my ultimate goal of having my own venue and hosting weddings and events right on my own property.  Since graduation, I’ve gained knowledge and experience not only in event planning, but also in marketing, sales, customer service, food service, community events- basically all things hospitality!  But, my dream still stands to own my own event venue, so I decided to take the next step to making that dream come true… starting my own event planning company.  Enter – Suncatcher Events!

Megan Parravano

About Jen

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